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Katy Bolton Master Reiki Teacher

 I am a fully qualified and insured Reiki Master Teacher with several years experience. I have been teaching Reiki for over 5 years now and I love teaching new students. There are 3 levels or degrees in Reiki, level 1 for self treatment and use with friends and family. Level 2 is for further healing techniques, sending energy over distance and for being able to take paying clients of your own. Level 3 is the Master Teacher course where you will be given the highest connection to reiki and learn how to pass the attunements down to your own students.
 There are no preset dates for any of the courses, they are put on as demand requires it. So If you would like to learn any level of Reiki with me, please contact me via any of the ways on our contact page, and we can plan a day suitable for you.
 I do advertise dates for courses as they are booked in, I limit student numbers to 4 people per course. This allows me to spend time with each person individually if needed, and gives a much better quality of course content. I have given an overview of each level here and what each one entails to receive your qualification. 

 Reiki Level 1 This one day training course attunes you to the first degree of reiki for use on yourself, friends and family. The day includes:
 *A work pack with your manual, pen, pencil, fun note book and a little gift *Attunements to Reiki Energy, a form of ritual which starts with a meditation and then links your energy to the reiki energy. *History of Reiki, who founded Reiki, where it comes from, how and why its changed and how this effects modern Reiki. *understanding the chakra system *how to perform Reiki self healing sessions, which include hand positions, meditations and useful ways to incorporate Reiki into your every day life. *how to perform a basic reiki session on other people for use with friends and family only *explanation of the 21 days of self healing you need to perform after the attunements *continued support after the training day, extra help if needed for your 21days and beyond *certification   
 The day normally starts at 10am with a cuppa and quick introductions before starting to work through the manual. I work at the pace of the slowest person and encourage you to ask questions. There are several tea breaks and a break for lunch, you will need to bring a packed lunch, or money to to buy lunch from any of the local shops just 2mins walk up the road. The day usually ends at around 4pm.
 The level 1 course costs £150 

 Reiki Level 2
 This is usually delivered over 1 ½ days, the first day is you main course delivery, the ½ day is on a date suitable for you to come back with your course work and to collect your certificate. The main day again starts at 10am and usually finishes around 4pm and consists of:
 *work pack – this will either be add ons for your level 1 pack, or a full new pack if you passed your level 1 with a different master/teacher. It will have the level 2 manual and a small gift to add to your level 1 pack. *attunements to each of the level 2 symbols. These symbols help you to work deeper with the Reiki energy and are for – sending Reiki across a distance, adding more energy and adding greater healing *further and deeper information on working with Reiki *how to perform a full Reiki session on paying clients including setting up a space and taking client information *basic business information you will need to be able to take paying clients *the guidance you will need to do your coursework, which includes working on 3 hands on clients and 3 distance clients. Do not worry if you think you may not have enough people to work on to complete your coursework, I can help with this part. *information to help complete your 28 days of self reiki *continued support, guidance and support throughout your coursework.
 There are no time constraints to complete your course work. You can take as much or as little time as you feel you are happy with. You will need to complete 28days of self healing, much the same as the level 1, and you can complete your course work during this time too if you wish. But if you need longer that is perfectly fine. I will be here for support for as long as you need it. When you feel you have completed your course work we will arrange a time for you to come back and go through everything you have done and to collect your level 2 certificate.
 Level 2 course costs £250 

 Level 3 – Reiki Master Teacher
 This level can be split into 2 parts if you would prefer. Some people wish not to teach and pass on the reiki attunements to their own students as they use the Reiki for their own self healing and that of their family, and choose to do the master part only. And some people want to have the master first and work with the energy for some time before learning how to pass on the attunements.  And then others prefer to have both parts at once. All these options are perfectly fine.
 All options are delivered over a 1 day course, and the certificate is given when you and I are happy that you understand and can perform any sessions or attunements without my aid. This could be at the end of the day itself, or after any appropriate amount of time you need to learn the attunement ceremonies (if doing the teacher option).
 The course includes:
 *workbooks for both master and teacher part *attunement to the master symbol and the highest connect to reiki *a more in-depth look at using the reiki energy and further symbolism *understanding of the attunement ceremonies including how to work the the violet ray, how to connect students with reiki, using and understanding symbols for attunements *copies of all the reiki manuals (if you don't already have them) so you can see how to make your own manual for your own students *a look at alternative Reiki ceremonies and how you can and can't change them for your individual teaching style. *continued support, even after certification *appropriate certificate for the course you have taken
 You will be encouraged on the teacher course to practice attunements at home either on a teddy or on a friend/family member until you feel happy to perform this on paying clients.
 For the full Master Teacher course costs £500, but this can vary depending on if and how you need to split the course.   
 Course costs can be split over several months before the course is delivered, and a non refundable deposit will be required of £50 to secure our place on any of the courses.
  If you have any further questions or would like to book on any of the courses, please contact me from any of the ways out lined on our contact page 

How to Book

The best way to book an Attunement would be to contact me directly either by phoning the RnR centre on 01325 469164 or messaging me through my facebook page 

You can also book and pay online through our bookings system by clicking the button below.