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Reflexology is an ancient art based on the principal that different points on the feet reflect different parts of the body and by applying pressure and massaging these points it can help to naturally heal the body.
Reflexology has started to gain the respect it deserves by modern medical science and has started to be offered as a complementary therapy by the NHS alongside conventional medicines.

If you would like to experience reflexology but don’t like your feet being touched you can also receive treatment on your hands. This works in the same way and is just as effective.
During a reflexology session, you will first be asked a few health and lifestyle questions and history of what you would like your reflexology sessions to support you with.
You are not required to remove any clothing, just your shoes and socks, and to wear loose comfortable clothing where trousers can be rolled up to around knee height comfortably.
Your feet will then be assessed before the “hands-on” reflexology starts.

Along with the initial assessment between you and the reflexologist your feet will be continually assessed during the treatment to find areas of tenderness or crystals which will reflect areas in the body that are out of balance, injured or under stress. These points will all be taken down to discuss with you.
Your feet will be treated to a massage cream or wax that most benefits your skin type and a foot mask to leave your feet feeling soft and fresh.
You can choose to talk to the therapist during the treatment about what they have found, or any feelings or tender areas you can feel, or you can lay back and enjoy the relaxation.

Areas found needing attention will be discussed with you at the end of the session, and you will receive aftercare advice and information on self-care you can do at home between treatments.
It is recommended that you have 6 weekly sessions to see the best results from this treatment, then an additional session every 4 weeks. The frequency of your sessions and the amount you need will vary depending on each individual and will be discussed with you during your session.
Each session lasts for 1 hour, you are asked to arrive approximately 10minutes before your session to fill in the health and lifestyle questionnaire. You will be invited to have some quiet time in the Snuggy after your session and may stay that for as long as you like making use of the peaceful environment, complimentary refreshments and mindful activities (knitting supplies and adult colouring).

The Benefits of Reflexology

There are many uses for reflexology including pain management, relaxation, recovery from injury, reducing stress, pregnancy and fertility help.

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