Katy Bolton

Welcome to my bio, I tried to give you an overview on who I am and why I started RnR, I tried to keep it short as to not bore you, so (thankfully) it's not my life story. If you want more insight into my life have a look at my blog. Its full of ups, downs, fun things I've found and generally me being a bit wackadoodle.

Katy's Bio

In the beginning

Where it all started.

   About 10 years ago I was going through a major bout of depression. Not the first time either. I wasn't coping with life, I couldn't hold down a job, I couldn't sleep but I couldn't get out of bed either. Some days were better than others, but in the most I was getting sucked deeper and deeper into a vortex of blackness. Each day felt like a was walking through treacle. I was in an abusive relationship, I'd walked out of uni and didn't have a job. I needed something to pull me out, but I wasn't sure what.  

  I was offered the chance to go and see a hypnotherapist who said she would be able to calm my nerves, help me sleep, give me some clarity on what I wanted to do with my life and the confidence to do it. I gave it a go and I am forever grateful for it. Each week the treacle level lowered, I found it easier to sleep, to think, to find myself and help myself with this support to get out of the vortex.    Why am I telling you this? Well its the major first step I took to opening RnR. During my hypnotherapy sessions we talked about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go with my life and the steps I'd need to take to get there. I told my hypnotherapist that I had always wanted to go into massage therapy, I'd always had an interest in crystals and meditation and all things a bit wackadoodle. I've always loved Halloween and the idea of the power of nature, even owning a black cat because lets face it, animals make more sense than most humans.  

  So we made a 10 year plan which included going back to college to learn holistic therapies, getting a job in a spa, saving up money to go self employed starting mobile, then renting somewhere, then owning my own therapy centre. We even worked on me getting out of the relationship I was in and healing myself using my new knowledge from college. This took longer then it should have done, it was a very difficult thing to do, but with the support I had and a particularly nasty night of abuse I finally left.  

  Learning lots of stuff.   

 I spent 3 years at college gaining my qualification in reflexology, aromatherapy and sports therapy before getting a job working in a spa. I continued to add to my knowledge by adding Reiki and a mindfulness qualification to my bow. I worked in several spas in the region before realising I needed to set out on my own. I hated the way spas would treat their clients, in and out as quickly as possible, the more people in the more money they would make. They didn't care if one person had an aching lower back and the next had knots in their shoulders, everyone had the same massage. And they don't treat their staff with any form of respect either, working the therapist till they dropped, it wasn't unusual to do 16 back massages in a day with only a 15minute break. So off I went.  

  I found a great place in Northallerton to rent a room from on afternoon a week to start with offering my Reflexology and Reiki services. It started off slowly, but it didn't take long to get regular clients coming back time and time again, I extended my working hours and even branched out into Reeth and Darlington. It then became obvious that I needed my own place to work from and as if by magic a beautiful building became available near where I lived in Darlington.  

 RnR the Therapy centre  

  With some help from friends and family I open Reflex and Reiki Therapy centre on High Northgate in June 2017 where I've been ever since. I have a lovely shop reception area where I now sell crystals, aromatherapy oils, books, smellies, salt lamps and all things lovely. My therapy room is my favourite place, so relaxing and spacious, I have been known to take naps in the recliner chair when my little one has kept me up all night, but don't tell everyone ;)   

 I also have a second therapy room/snuggy room where people can just chill out and have a cuppa away from the real world for a bit. It's also where other therapists in the area can work from as I rent this space out too.  

  Because of my various life experiences I have specialised in particular areas. The first I am sure you can guess is working with people with depression and anxiety. I also specialise in natural fertility and working with pregnant women. You can find more information on why I do this by reading my blogs. I do still love giving treatments such as aromatherapy massages just because you need a relaxing treat, and giving reflexology sessions, its amazing what I can find out about your body just through your feet.  

  I'm  also a Reiki Master Teacher. This means I can teach all levels of Reiki and I love teaching students, I learn a little bit more about myself and working with reiki energy every time I teach, and I find it a blessing to meet so many like minded people who have chosen me to guide them on their reiki path. 

  I hope this has given you a little insight into who I am and what RnR is all about. If you have any questions about any of the treatments or about RnR in general please get in contact using the form below. Thank you for reading by about page, I hope you enjoy the rest of the website and of course you are welcome to come and see the therapy centre for yourself, the kettle is always on.    

Love and Light Katy x