Hypnotherapist Jay Hunt-Lucas

Jay Hunt-Lucas

My therapy is not just  traditional hypnosis, I combine both traditional and modern but I have also created a new therapy system which is proven to create rapid, lasting changes. 


Developed and perfected technique

When these 3 approaches are combined it accelerates results and reduces sessions required.

I work in 3 stages within weight control, my P.S Therapy System has been developed and perfected to produce the results clients have come to expect. 

I release old emotional baggage before I renew and  re wire  the brain,  Hypnotherapy then enhances and enables clients to achieve effective, rapid and permanent success.

Together we can find simple effective solutions and allow hypnotherapy to change old negative behaviour, limiting belief's and negative thought patterns, and collapse old triggers.

My therapy can unlock your full potential so you can overcome any professional or personal obstacles. 

My S.F Therapy system to become smoke free forever only takes one session, however this session takes 2 1/2 hours and is a very intensive therapy session, again this therapy is a combination of many techniques including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). You also receive a recording via email with both therapy systems to listen to at home. My commitment to clients goes beyond the therapy session as I always give clients a 4 week check up call to ensure all is going as planned. 

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