We are happy to announce that Fiona Kermode is offering Crystal Therapy here at Reflex and Reiki. 

Fiona first came into contact with crystals during her time living in Brazil. She was entranced with a large specimen of Rose Quartz during a difficult period of her life, and has a strong passion for her therapies. She is a full member of the CHTA.

                        Fiona Kermode

What is Crystal Therapy?

Using a variety of techniques and crystals, Crystal Therapy aims to cleanse our chakras, which over time can become very drained and blocked. The crystals piezoelectric charge is thought to interact with the electrical and magnetic fields around the body.

The therapy can be traced back to egyptian times but many ancient civilisations also used this practice. This includes Native American Indians and Mayans.

In 1970 Crystal therapy resurfaced and has become more popular in recent years. During treatments you will be made to feel comfortable, It is a fully clothes non invasive treatment. Crystals will be placed on and around the body and your therapist will work with the vibrations of the crystals to highlight any imbalances.

It is a non invasive treatment and regular sessions are recommended.

Prices start from £25 per session.


Contact the Center for further information or Fiona Directly on 07813315323