Fertility Therapy

with Reflexology & Reiki

For Natural Conception

For best results weekly treatments are recommended for twelve weeks to cover approximately three menstrual cycles, this allows for the procedure to start working and for your body to get into balance to let a natural pregnancy to happen. Treatments are given to couples to enjoy at the same time; this allows for more profound relaxation and a closer bond between them to take the stress out of this time in your life. You will be given a guided meditation via email to listen to at home between treatments. You will be given a booklet with tips on natural fertility to use at home, and be shown a few reflexology moves to practice on each other at home too.

The treatment itself starts with the couple both comfortable on massage beds before being guided through a relaxing breathing exercise and visualisation.
You will then both receive reflexology (one has reflexology while the other relaxes before switching) at the end of the session, you will receive aftercare advice appropriate to where you are in your journey and any information to take home.
Sometimes it’s not easy to have these appointments as a couple, and only one person would like to have the treatments, this is perfectly fine; it works much the same way but adjusted for one person.

IVF Support

These treatments can be used to enhance the chances of IVF procedures and help keep the stress levels down. Again these treatments can be done as a couple or as a single person and are adjusted accordingly.
These treatments again are best done over 12 weeks starting with the month before you plan on starting the treatment. By doing so, you can better prepare not only your body but your mind for the medical procedure. You then have the support over the course of the treatment, egg collection, transplantation; two weeks wait, the results and beyond.

Please note that while these treatments can positively affect the chances of becoming pregnant, it is not a fail-safe. IVF only has a 40% success rate, and it can take three rounds of IVF before becoming pregnant. This treatment is designed to support people on their journey to becoming pregnant, but for some people, this does not always happen. My service is designed not only to help you through conception, but into the early stages of pregnancy, or should that month not end in pregnancy the support to come to terms with this and to give support in terms of next steps.
For many, this will be to try again, and for some, it will be to take a break. Either is a choice only the couple can make, and I’m here to support you whatever your decision.

Early Pregnancy Support

Anyone can have Reiki at any time; there are no limitations.
Some practitioners advise against using reflexology in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but this is only for practitioners without the relevant qualifications and experience. As an advanced reflexologist, I am more than qualified to treat pregnant clients all the way through their pregnancy with no ill effects.
Unfortunately, some people are going to experience this loss, and the treatments are also there to help you come to terms with this and to help you with your next decision of when and if you want to try again.
The support provided by my treatments can help to take the worry and stress out of such a time, improving the chances of keeping the baby past this high-risk time.

Early pregnancy can be a worrying time for some parents, particularly if you have been trying for quite some time to conceive or if you have been through the IVF process. The risk of early miscarriage and chemical miscarriage can be quite high, and with the advancement in rapid detection kits widely available it has become increasingly possible to find out you are pregnant earlier and earlier in the pregnancy.
There is no significant statistical data on how many early miscarriages there are within the first 4-6 of pregnancy as many women put it down to a late or missed period. However, if you are trying to conceive, then the chances are you are testing at the earliest opportunity and will know if you experience an early miscarriage.


Your treatment is tailored to you and your partner to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

  • Regulates hormones
  • regulates menstrual cycles
  • promotes a better quality of sperm
  • increases sperm count
  • supports self-healing
  • balances the body’s system
  • promotes relaxation
  • lowers stress levels
  • can be used to enhance the effects of IVF
  • reduces the risk of early miscarriage

Frequently Asked Questions

The first four weeks is to get you into balance with your body, to start to regulate hormones, produce quality eggs and sperm, get you and your partner in the sync with each other prepare for the next menstrual cycle.
The next four weeks are harmonising this cycle, helping the various hormones do their jobs at the correct time, to prepare for conception (or implantation of IVF).
The last four weeks are early pregnancy support.

Sometimes, it can be more likely to work as an ideal world scenario with IVF as we have to work to specific dates. IVF on its own is 40% likely to work, meaning 40 women in every 100 who will fall pregnant using IVF, with the added support of this treatment you are increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Unfortunately no. Just as IVF doesn’t work for everyone, there is no one solution, and everybody is different. Fertility reflexology and reiki will help to increase your chances of success. It will also support you through any failed pregnancies and failed IVF and give you the support and guidance you may need on your journey.

It is entirely up to you. Some people choose to have a break but carry on with regular reflexology or reiki for their benefits such as stress reduction and personal care, and there are shorter packages which you can look at if this is what you would like to do.
You can also keep going for as long as you see fit. Ideally, you would accomplish your goal of becoming pregnant, but most couples have a cutoff point when they agree to stop trying.

  • Advanced Reflexology Diploma, specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology – Passed with Distinction
  • Reiki Master and Teacher
  • NVQ Level 4 in Sports Massage
  • NVQ Level 3 in Complementary Therapies
  • Diploma in Mindfulness
  • NVQ Level 2 in Beauty Therapy 

I have worked in several spas in the North-East before becoming self-employed four years ago. In that time I have worked with many women needing support with fertility and pregnancy.

I also have personal experience in this area; it took 18 months of trying before I became pregnant. I then suffered two miscarriages before falling pregnant with my rainbow baby. I used my knowledge of reflexology and reiki to get me through this time and I also regularly visited another Reiki practitioner for extra support.


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